About fine art photographer and businessman Bassestt StudiosI am a commercial and fine art photographer and a businessman. Technology has advanced image making to a new proficiency. There is an abundance of photography, by that I mean to say pictures for business, for art and for personal use, these occur on a scale today that would have only been faintly imaged by the most far reaching marketing and engineering minds at Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Agfa, Ilford, Fuji and only a mere 2.5 decades in our past.

Industry has retooled for the new image-makers, I refer to providers of ink, printers, paper, and especially the architects and coders of social media apps and HDR type plug-ins for display on image platforms.

I remain committed to my commercial photography roots and aspirations. Digital image making has expanded the markets, users and viewers where good solutions and applications are sought out and utilized.

I am proud, as a fine art photographer, to be part of the collective shoulders upon which so many others stand today … my hope is to just on occasions to stand just a bit taller that those around me … and then let us all strive to add to the collective beauty and new aesthetic around us … amen’ … and where will we go and what will we see with our imaginations … let us hope and pray that it is wonderful and new if only slightly and always, always inspired to lift and reinforce one another and the beauty of this world.

Inspirational Artist Quotes and Remarks: Travis McGee-   … I like the word relationship  … it covers all manner of sin  … a lambent beauty  … luck comes floating by one moment at a time  … nature has many tricks which reinforce the interdependence of the species …

Dave Bassett of Bassett Studios Fine art and Commercial photography

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