The natural world is perfect on its own. But what if it’s played with it a bit. Twisted. Nuzzled. Zooshed up. Cozied. In this way, the organic drifts to the abstract. Something as cellular and singular as a section of tree bark, a leaf, a dry patch in the desert can be reincarnated into limitless versions with limitless palettes.

Derivatives, affiliated images, attributed imagery and sometimes known despairingly as similars. Stock photography contracts have entire sections devoted to defining and emphasizing that word – similars-

In thoughtful proprietary hands images can multiply … can be very colorful … thematic … near complimentary … even monochromatic. Somewhat magically they evolve and become members of a family of images, part of a sequence or better yet part of an experience. Often times they are inspired by travel, hobbies, or fascinations. Similar, affiliated, congruent, thematic – to me its all

part of my family of derivatives imagery.

Here lies the fertile ground for imagination and creativity. I am available and happy to brainstorm and converse in any interface readily available about to us, email is probably my favorite. I am here to help.

Inspirational Artist Quotes and Remarks:   Orson Wells  create your own visual style … let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others …


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