A lifetime of commercial photography and fine art image making continues to be my passion. As is my passion for the mountains and valleys of Nevada and the city and people of Las Vegas. I have worked with art consultants, interior designers and marketing directors many times over the course of my career. Beginning with one of my slightly abstract photographs and modifying them with multiple hues and colors.  These fine art images more than once have enhanced a commercial interior, restaurant or home.  For other projects I created dozens and dozens of scenic landscapes and panoramas which have been utilized in social media, graced the walls of banks, corporate receptions lobbies, hospitals and the like.  Those scenic images have also been included as a part of the public message from utility companies.  I hope that together we might explore a similar avenue with one of your projects or clients.  Especially in the case where it is challenging to find the right hues and nuance of composition and texture and pattern.



The days of film and processing have given way to the science of engineering and sensors and software. Beautiful, evocative images are merely the tap and push of a button away today. Mobile devices, HDR histograms and instagrams, its all so readily available in these times. The labs and film processing that were all so necessary and integral with the light sensitive silver magic are quickly fading and receding. What and where is new the landscape of the experimental and happy accidents … who can say? We are all evolving and moving forward in fine art photography. A new aesthetic awaits and will appear beyond the gigabytes of capture and storage as the photographic applications and deployments evolve.  Let’s break the rules and find a unique new way of image making! 



fine art photography