Commercial photography, art photography and fine art image making is my career.  While I have a passion for the mountains and lonely valleys of Nevada, I feel close to the city and people of Las Vegas.  I have a wanderlust for driving to the small towns and rural communities of Nevada.  The people that live in those areas are wonderful.  What I offer today is a combination of my commercial experiences and my art photography and my love of the outdoors.  I do not use paint and cloth canvas.  But I do have my vision, my plan and my imagination and nearly every color under the rainbow and a substantial and growing archive of abstract, derivative and scenic images.  These are my canvases and my paints.  Malleable, adaptable and compliant and used by me in collaboration with designers who can be curators for creating images, often of substantial size with the appropriate subjects, textures and color palettes.  In the end I am just a small part of your interior design process, a path to unique and custom visuals that will be compliant or bold, interesting or subdued, long lasting and always made and delivered locally.  No need to go far and deep into the inner-web-art-world.  I am here when you want to keep it close. Keep it local. And keep it custom.



The days of film and processing have given way to the science of engineering and sensors and software. Beautiful, evocative images are merely the tap and push of a button away today. Mobile devices, HDR histograms and instagrams, its all so readily available in these times. The labs and film processing that were all so necessary and integral with the light sensitive silver magic are quickly fading and receding. What and where is new the landscape of the experimental and happy accidents … who can say? We are all evolving and moving forward in fine art photography. A new aesthetic awaits and will appear beyond the gigabytes of capture and storage as the photographic applications and deployments evolve.  Let’s break the rules and find a unique new way of image making!



fine art photography