Patina Metal

Claude Monet famously looked at the natural world around him and interpreted its sensations and textures to create the medium of impressionism.

I use different tools to summon those same perceptions.

Abstracts textures surface grain protuberance indentation shag nib nub pit pock structure

Substitute one word for another or add your own – Abstract fine art photography is the land of imagination exploration and discovery.

Starting with the concrete and striving by skill or randomness or experiment –embarking on the path – with plans to arrive at a new transitory departure. It is amazing to make a series of images that are at once strange and invoking and yet identifiable in a mysterious and puzzle like way. This is the domain and terrain of bodies and families and themes and groupings of images that might be related by color, by subject, by form and line and movement.

Abstract fine art photography is in its own a way, manner and technique the place that gives voice to the wandering and unspoken – one thing today and another thing tomorrow.  A timeless way to appreciate and enjoy modern digital image making in the traditional and the new way of seeing and experiencing the world around so close and at times far removed.  

Inspirational Artist Quotes and Remarks:    Stanislav Szukalski  . . .  art is the math of space and bending the physics and the geometry and of taking liberties that are elegant and don’t necessarily make sense in life but they make sense for the art …



fine art photography


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