Licensing images and display prints with BSFA Bassett Studios Photography Art

Licensing art photography or licensing an outdoor scenic, a landscape or an abstract or texture image are important components of my business, ones that I welcome and treat with respect and good design senses. Considerations are often the image resolution, sizing, proportions, colors, hues and ultimately the scale of the image for whichever platform works best for the client. Many images are ideal for web site banners, social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram.  Some are suitable for backgrounds and textures on printed materials like menus and directories. Others would be appropriate for large corporate boardroom display prints and others for home offices or living spaces. I have hundreds more images in my archives in addition to the ones that are displayed here in my galleries. I would also happily create a new themed group of images at your direction. Call me or email me and I will happily discuss your project parameters and make a custom web gallery based on your specifications. 


Licensing an image means that there is an exchange, the permission to use an image is given in exchange for compensation.  This agreement is between an individual, or to a business where permission to use the image is granted for a specific use on the web, an ink-on-paper printing, or a social media and or a specific ‘product’ use, commonly a display print or in rare instances an advertising specialty product. The license specifies a certain amount of time and for a specific number of copies.

Of particular note the methods and materials for printing large images has advanced with the improvements of large-scale printers. At the same time the substrate options have multiplied as well, in many cases obviating the need for frame molding and glass. For display prints you may be familiar with canvas. Now we have substrates like aluminum diabond, plexiglass, gator board and a host of other options. 

A general industry guide to licensing images, Google and Getty Images copyright disclaimers …Read article

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